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Welcome to the friends section of this site. Here are some links to websites of other self empowered people. I know these people personally and their work. These sites will enhance you in your life and your journey.   Kae Thompson Lui teaches classes on health and well-being. She is the founder of a very unique way to wellness using sound and nutrition.  We have known Chuck Peters for many years he was featured in many magazines for his rendition of a full size stained glass eagle. Chuck lives out in the country in a self empowered life of his choosing. A wonderful resource in Pittsburgh for all things spiritual. Greg Storozuk, Founder of the Mile High Dowsers, and professional Dowser, specializes in locating minerals, gas, oil, water wells and geopathic zones. Greg also gives lectures and classes. Call him at 303-274-4158 or send an e-mail 

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URL: Subconscious mindDescription: Selfgrowth4ever is about growing whilst dreaming and making our dreams come true. It is about life, the subconscious mind, meditation, self growth, personal development, sharing and so much more. Thank you for your time and I look forward to bring your website many visitors. Warm Regards, Monica Knight